Hello!!! My name is Carlos, I'm an administrator and bureaucrat in The Crescent City Wiki.
If you have any questions, you can contact me at any time

Other Fandoms

I am currently an administrator and/or bureaucrat for the following wikis:

ShadowhuntersShadowhunters TVMagisteriumSword CatcherTrono de VidroCorte de Espinhos e RosasCrescent CityCidade da Lua CrescenteTons de MagiaVilõesMonstros da ViolênciaGuardiã de HistóriasCrônicas da QuasinoiteDemi LovatoGleeSense8LuciferLive-Actions Disney

Other wikis I follow:

Shadowhunters (in English)Shadowhunters on FreeformMagisterium (in English)ACOTARThrone of GlassShades of Magic
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