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The Pack of Devils was a pack consisting of several wolf Shifters under the Alpha Danika Fendyr. The whole pack got annihilated in an attack.


The whole pack was killed off in an attack that was orchestrated by Micah. He wanted the Horn so that he could summon an army to decimate the human rebels. Micah blackmailed Danika into stealing the Horn. However, Danika did not trust Micah so did not give him the Horn after stealing it.

Micah hatched a plan. He waited until Philip Briggs, a human rebel, was released for prison, so he could frame him for the pack's deaths. He went to Danika and Bryce's apartment where the Pack of Devils were at the time and used his Magic to disable them. He then injected Danika with Synth. The Synth made Danika rip her pack apart before turning on herself. Micah then summoned a Kristallos demon to make it look like it killed the pack.

Philip Briggs was then accused of their murders due to him being imprisoned by Danika previously, leading the authorities to believe he did it for revenge. However, Micah near the end of House of Earth and Blood admitted to Bryce that he was the one to kill Danika and the pack.



  • Members of the Pack of Devils had the group's insignia of a horned wolf tattooed on the side of their neck.