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The Meat Market is an area located in the southwest of Crescent City. It is currently under the control of The Viper Queen.


The Meat Market is a labyrinth of secret interconnected warehouses that make up the blocks of the district. The Meat Market is linked to the Western Road which is one of the four main roads leading to and from Lunathion.

The Meat Market has its own laws and methods of enforcement. Even the Governor has no stationed legionaries in the district. It's an incredibly dangerous and lethal place. There are predators, both born and trained, who use the Meat Market as their personal hunting grounds. Half-human females scape a living in the Meat Market by selling their bodies. Most of these women do not live long enough to make the Drop.

The Meat Market also has the Merchants' Gate in it, which is one of the seven Gates in the city. The Gates had been designed for a quick way for the guards in the districts to speak to each other centuries ago. All Vanirs had to place a hand against the golden disk in the center of the pad and speak, and the wielder's voice would travel to the other Gates, a gem lighting up with the district from which the voice originated. Today the Gates are used as a tourist attraction, due to technology such as mobile phones.

Notable Locations

  • The Merchants' Gate

Notable Inhabitants