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"There are worse fates than death, you know."
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The Autumn King is one of the seven Heads of Lunathion and has control over Five Roses.


Early Life

The Autumn King is a courtesy title in addition to his role as a City Head.

He met Ember when she was nineteen years old. He pursued her, seduced her, tried to keep her, and went so far into possessive territory that he started to abuse Ember. When she realized she was carrying his child, she ran before he could scent it and lock her up in his villa.

The Autumn King had eyes at every depot, but a priestess got Ember out of the city with the hope of getting all the way to the House of Earth and Blood headquarters in Hilene, where Ember could beg for asylum, as it was one of the few places where the Autumn King wouldn’t dare infringe on their territory. However, because it’s a three-day drive, and none of the Korinth priestesses had the ability to defend Ember against Fae warriors, she drove the five hours to Solas’s Temple in Oia. Right before Ember reached Hilene, the Autumn King's people found them. Where they expected to find a helpless, hysterical female, they found a legendary sharpshooter in her guard and future husband, Randall Silago, and Ember, who would move the earth itself to keep her daughter.

After that, the House of Earth and Blood deemed Ember a vessel for Cthona, which amounted to an official order of protection, meaning the Autumn King was unable to act further without creating significant political issues for himself. She ultimately gave birth to her daughter by The Autumn King, Bryce Quinlan.

When Bryce was thirteen, she went to the Crescent City to meet her father and was very excited to do so. He took her to the Oracle, as was custom for the Valbaran Fae, to see if she had any power; however, when he found out her power level was negligible at best, he threw her belongings out of the house.

House of Earth and Blood



The Autumn King was shown to be, like many of the City Heads, to be power-hungry, self-absorbed, and obsessed with appearances, all while hiding in his office, where he performed science experiments and monitored the positions of the planets in their world, searching for "patterns." He is very rigid when it comes to conforming to political and hierarchical rules, especially when it comes to others showing him respect, due to his high ranking in the Lunathion government; his son, Ruhn Danaan, is expected to kneel in his presence and is often reprimanded for asking questions and making demands of him.

Physical Description

He has wine red hair and amber eyes. Bryce is said to look like him due to there similar facial expressions.

Powers & Abilities

As a more than four hundred year old Valbaran Fae and the head of the Fae of Crescent City, The Autumn King is incredibly powerful and is universally respected and feared as a result. He possesses the typical Vanir and Fae physiology that affords him superhuman speed, grace, senses, and longevity; it has been said by his son that he will likely live on for several more centuries at the very least, due to how little he had aged in his nearly half-millennium of life. According to Isaiah Tiberian, The Autumn King, like many of the Valbaran Fae, possesses the power of pyrokinesis, or manipulation of fire.


Ember Quinlan

He met Ember when she was 19 and started an affair with her. he was deeply in love with her and wanted her to become his queen. But he became very territorial which lead him to be physically abusive. This led Ember to leave him when she was pregnant with Bryce.

Bryce Quinlan

The Autumn King has a complicated relationship with his daughter. Due to his abuse to both Bryce and her mother, Bryce herself has stated to despise her father and wants nothing to do with him. The King in turn has shown to posses a combination of love and dislike for his daughter. The Autumn King has shown to regard Bryce with a certain level of dislike for her, as seen where during his conversations with Ruhn, he refuses to use her name and refers to her as "that girl" and shows active annoyance with her. However despite his past actions towards her and how he treated her, he has shown active pain and heart break at hearing Bryce's contempt for him and her statement that Randall Silago was the her true father and was the one who mattered to her.