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Shifters are a species of Vanir, belonging to the House of Earth and Blood. There are many different types of shifters, all of them at least three times the size of their normal animal counterpart.

Physical Description 


Wolf Shifters have a range of different fur colours in their animal form and retain their human intelligence, memories and character. Their animal form is that of a larger than average wolf, and are still capable of verbal communication. Like other shifters, Wolf shifters are able to retain their clothing when in their animal forms beneath their fur coating, and still display the general characteristic behaviour of their titular animal, even in human form.


Snake Shifters exhibit the charactersitics of their titular animals, even in their human form. Some have green eyes with golden highlights and have snake-like-pupils to signify their species in their human forms; they are able to produce venom that can be used in and out of their transformations. Much like other shifters, it is presumed that their animal forms are much larger than the regular snake (as rumoured of the Viper Queen), and it can also be presumed that they retain their human intelligence, verbal communication, and clothing in and out of transformation.

Powers & Abilities 

Shifters possess the ability to transform into a magically enhanced animal form, with the animal depending on the type of shifter. They have standard enhanced speed, strength and regenerative abilities because of their Vanir status, and they also have more acute senses and faster regenerative abilities than a regular human. However, their animal forms are much stronger and faster, and possess keener senses than their human forms. More experienced shifters are able to perform partial transformations whilst in human form; for example, wolf shifters can shapeshift their hands into claws and reveal their wolf eyes and fangs, and snake shifters are able to produce venom from their glands.


  • Other shifters that are mentioned, but not further described include Asps, Butterflies, Coyotes, Deer, Dingoes, Dogs, Foxes, Hyenas, Jackals, Jaguars, Lions, Leopards, Owls and Panthers.