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Sabine Fendyr is the current Prime Apparent of the Valbaran wolves, alpha of the Scythe Moon Pack and mother of Danika.


Early Life


House of Earth and Blood



Physical Description

Sabine was described as being barely older than her daughter with a fine-boned face, long corn-silk silvery blond hair and blue eyes. Unlike Danika, Sabine had made the Drop. Though it is never seen, it can be assumed that Sabine's wolf form is much bigger than regular wolves - like other shifters - and had a simular grey hue to her daughter.

Powers & Abilities

Sabine is the current Prime Apparent of the Valbaran wolves and the alpha of the Scythe Moon Pack, holding the most powerful position under her father, the Prime of the Wolves, which would've later been succeeded by her daughter if she had not died before making the drop.

  • Shifting: As a shifter, Sabine possessed the ability to transform into a magically enhanced animal form. Her animal form is that of a larger than average wolf. In this form, she is stronger, faster and had keener senses than in human form. She's shown to be a particulary skilled shifter, able to perform partial transformations such as unravelling her claws and fangs in human form.
  • Shifter physiology: Sabine has standard enhanced speed, strength and regenerative abilities because of her Vanir status. She has more acute senses and could heal from injuries much faster than a regular human.


Danika Fendyr

The relationship between mother and daughter had been a strained one. Sabine was the Prime Apparent of the Valbaran wolves and had been her aging father’s heir for centuries and Danika had officially been second in line to the title. But for years there had been whispers that Danika should be tapped to be the Prime Apparent, bypassing her mother. Sabine's father had given his granddaughter their family’s heirloom sword after centuries of promising it to Sabine only upon his death. The blade had called to Danika on her eighteenth birthday like a howl on a moonlit night, the Prime had said to explain his unexpected decision. On top of that, Danika had been expected to claim a sea of power that would put her ranking far past Sabine’s after her Drop.

However, despite their strained relationship, Sabine still showed some semblance of love for her daughter as she was distraught over her death, and became enraged by Bryce's involvement within her life. Her love for Danika was further emphasised when she was outraged and heartbroken at Bryce's and Hunt's accusations for killing her own daughter to become the Prime Apparent - even admiting that she was protecting Danika from the authorities when she stole the Horn by tampering with the security footage. She was also fully aware that Danika's soul was present with Bryce when she made the Drop, even tearfully reciting the same quote found on Bryce's tattoo, "Through love, all is possible", during Bryce's final moments with her daughter back at the Summit.