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"There are worse fates than death, you know."
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Ruhn Danaan is the Crown Prince of the Valbaran Fae and half-brother to Bryce Quinlan.


Early Life

The royal bloodline shall end with you, Prince.

–Chapter 14, House of Earth and Blood

Not much about Ruhn's early life is currently known. He grew up being abused by the Autumn king and despite being Vanir, bears burn scars on his arms which he has covered with tattoos. He visited the Oracle at age 13, who revealed to him that the royal bloodline would end with him. This was a fact that he never told anyone; instead, he lied to his father and claimed the Oracle had said he would be a fair and just king.

At the age of 27, he and two of his friends, Tristan Flynn and Declan Emmet, went through their Ordeals together. They weren't alone in this, but instead were faced with his cousin Cormac Donnall and his friends as well as several other beings. During the Ordeal, Ruhn ended up alone in a cave and drew a sword - the Starsword - out of a rock to defend himself against enemies. This was how he found out that he was the Chosen One. Not long after their Ordeals, Flynn anchored Ruhn during his Drop.

House of Earth and Blood


House of Sky and Breath



Ruhn is often seen to be both funny and sarcastic, but also very protective of his friends and especially his sister, Bryce Quinlan. He is kind, as seen with his treatment of his mother and the three sprites he has allowed to stay in his home. Ruhn is also an open-minded person, thinking beyond the traditional Fae beliefs, which has led him to accept Ithan and Hunt as well as to rebel against the Asteri themselves.

Physical Description

Ruhn has golden skin, blue eyes and several piercings including a silver hoop through his lower lip and a line of rings in one arched ear. His hair is raven-black and falls to his waist, save for one shaved side. He wears sleeves of tattoos on his arms to hide several burn marks and is handsome and muscular.

Powers & Abilities

Ruhn is a Starborn, from his father's line, and an Avallen Fae, from his mother's line, which means he can command light to his will on the former and control shadows from the latter. Although he can only use Starborn magic with effort as he only possesses a drop of the power that was granted to his ancestors.

  • Fae Physiology: As one of the Fae, Ruhn has enhanced senses and physical abilities, including a sense of smell much stronger than that of humans. It was mentioned that he was strong enough to break a number of Hunt's ribs during a fight despite his angelic physiology, and was able to dent the hood of a car with just his fist before it could hit him. He also heals from injuries much faster than a regular human.
  • Telepathy: He is a telepath meaning he can communicate with people via their minds, also called mind-speaking. However, he can't read their thoughts. This ability was passed down through his mother's line.
  • Avallen Magic: Through his mother's line, Ruhn has the ability to manipulate shadows. This includes summoning and walking through them, and cloaking himself and others in darkness.
  • Starborn Magic: Through his father's line, Ruhn inherited the abilities of Starborn from his ancestor, Prince Pelian. Unlike his sister Bryce who has access to the full potential of this power, Ruhn only has access to a fraction of the Starborn magic and often requires effort to produce light.


Tristan Flynn

Ruhn and Flynn live together and are often throwing parties, getting drunk, and high. They work together at the Aux.

Declan Emmet

Declan and Ruhn are close friends who are often seen around each other. They also serve together in the Aux.

Bryce Quinlan

After Bryce fell out with their father, Ruhn and Bryce maintained a relationship until she was sixteen, at which point they had a big argument where Ruhn insulted her. Bryce stopped speaking to Ruhn afterward, ignoring his various attempts to apologize. However, Ruhn still watched over Bryce and made sure she was safe. They later fixed their relationship, with Bryce forgiving him.

Lidia Cervos

Lidia Cervos is the first person that Ruhn opens up to and talks with about his personal insecurities and the problems with his father. He claims to have fallen for her only due to their meetings, without ever seeing her. When he finally discovers who she really is, he acts in a repulsive manner.

Einar Danaan

The relationship between Ruhn and his father is strained at best. Einar depicts Ruhn to be a failure and does a better job at ignoring him than caring for him. Ruhn has been abused by his father several times, carrying burn marks on his arm which his father gave him.


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  • Ruhn wears his tattoos to hide numerous burn marks his father caused him.
  • Bryce confuses Rhysand with Ruhn in House of Sky and Breath's final chapter.[1]