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"There are worse fates than death, you know."
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Reid Redner is a human and ex-boyfriend of Bryce Quinlan.


Early Life

Not much is known about Reid's early life. He works for his father at Redner Industries, a very successful company that creates products that combine human technology with Vanir magic. Reid knew Danika Fendyr casually through the part-time security work she did for his father’s business, and they both had been in the same presentation one afternoon; since Danika's best friend and roommate, Bryce, had been single and complaining constantly about it, Danika had given her number to Reid in a last-ditch effort to preserve her own sanity, and Bryce and Reid started dating soon after.

House of Earth and Blood

He was first mentioned by Danika Fendyr in the kitchen of Danika and Bryce's apartment, when she reminded Bryce Quinlan that the latter had a date with him (referring to him as "what's his name") that night, a date that Bryce was not very enthusiastic about attending. During this conversation, Danika and her second, Connor Holstrom (who had a huge crush on Bryce) voiced their displeasure about Bryce's relationship with him, the latter moreso than anyone. Bryce, not eager to go on this date, spent only a third of the time she normally spent getting ready to prepare and took two shots of gin before she left.

She ended up arriving to the restaurant and waiting for him to show up for forty-five minutes and began to worry that she was about to be stood up, as she couldn't afford the fancy wine she had ordered while she waited. He eventually arrived without apology or an excuse, only remarking that he got caught up in a long phone call with the Malakim leadership about the human-Vanir conflict in Pangera after Bryce asked for an explanation. The two briefly discussed the conflict and whether or not it would come over to Valbara before Reid, irritated, stated that it was a "complicated issue" and Bryce dropped the subject.

The two sat in silence while they looked at the menu until Bryce's phone buzzed, which seemed to irritate Reid even more, though he did not hesitate to begin texting on his cell phone once she checked to see who was contacting her. Bryce's message had been from Danika, urging her to dump Reid and "put Connor out of his misery" by dating him instead, which she was initially going to ignore before she realized that she really was not having a good time.

When she tried to get Reid's attention, he didn't look up from his phone, only raised his index finger as a silent "hold on." Their food arrived, and he continued his text conversation, only speaking to give Bryce permission to start eating without him, which she did. She then informed him that she was about to go, which he said was fine due to the fact that he believed she was excusing herself to go to the ladies room, forcing her to reiterate that she was leaving before thanking him for dinner. When he began to protest, she simply replied that this wasn't working out before she said her goodbyes and wished him good luck with his work. She then took the bottle of expensive wine from the table and left with it, swigging straight from the bottle on her way out the door.


Reid has the easy manners of someone brought up with money, education, and no doors locked to his desires. He is very self-absorbed and narcissistic and cared little about the lives and needs of the people around him, even that of his then-girlfriend, Bryce Quinlan; this was evidenced by the fact that he showed up forty-five minutes late to their date at the Pearl and Rose and spent most of his time on his cell phone even once he showed up.

Bryce's best friend Danika Fendyr, who set them up in the first place, made it a point of teasing her about the fact that Reid barely waited until he and Bryce were done having sex before he began checking his cell phone, indicating that he saw the people around them as only as valuable as what they were providing him. Bryce had also mentioned that while their sexual relationship was "fine," she had to "work for it," also implying that he was more concerned about his own pleasure than that of his partner.

Physical Description

Reid has golden skin and dark brown hair. According to Bryce, he is "hot as Hel." Every tie he wears is specifically selected to bring out the green in his hazel eyes, and his suits are always impeccably cut to his toned body.

Powers & Abilities

As a human, Reid has no known supernatural powers. His power in life comes from his wealth and status as the heir to Redner Industries, making him one of the few humans in Lunathion who is generally immune to the generalization that humans are inferior believed by most Vanir. He worked out with a physical trainer regularly, both to keep his physique in attractive shape, but also to ensure that he was able to physically defend himself and run quickly in case he ran into trouble with human-hating Vanir.


Bryce Quinlan

Reid and Bryce were in a brief relationship that seemed to be more about sex than romance for both parties. Bryce eventually tired of his inattention and belief that he was entitled to sex with her in exchange for dinner at fancy, expensive restaurants and dumped him after she was asked on a date by Connor Holstrom, who had crushed on her for years and who seemed to genuinely care about her.