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Philip Briggs is a human rebel who was arrested in 15033 V.E.


Early Life

At some point during his life, Philip Briggs became affiliated with a group of human rebels in Lunathion, the Keres, and rose to become their leader. He was responsible for planning a series of bombings in Lunathion, but was apprehended by Danika Fendyr and The Pack of Devils. A few weeks before his initial arrest, he spoke to Danika Fendyr, who expressed minor sympathy for his cause and told him to cease his bomb plot or else she would be forced to arrest him, which she didn't want to have to do, but he continued with his plot and was subsequently arrested.

House of Earth And Blood

He is first seen being escorted out of prison in a white jumpsuit after being set free due to an undescribed loophole in the law allowing him to leave despite the myriad of very clear evidence stacked against him. Within hours of this he was re-arrested on false charges of murdering Danika Fendyr and The Pack of Devils due to the fact that the police thought he was the only one who had a clear motive, with said clear motive being revenge for his arrest. In reality, he did not desire revenge against The Pack of Devils and in fact possessed knowledge that could've proven him innocent, but did not reveal this out of a desire to protect anyone associated with Danika Fendyr who might also be sympathetic to the human rebels and out of his regret over having failed his fellow humans by being caught.

After a trial that he described as a "sham", he was imprisoned in an island prison just off the coast of Lunathion and began to be regularly tortured by law enforcement at the prison.



Physical Description

Philip Briggs is a relatively young dark-haired man of average height and build. He has dark blue eyes which Bryce Quinlan describe as empty and hopeless during their meeting. After he is imprisoned his hair is buzzed short and he becomes noticeably gaunt.

Powers & Abilities

As a human, he possessed no magic, but it can be assumed that he was skilled in chemistry and bomb-making.