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Nøkks are a species of Vanir belonging to the House of Many Waters. Usually they are native to the icy seas of the north.

Physical Description

Nøkks are around eight feet long and look like a Helish twin to a Mer male. Instead of humanoid features, the nøkks present a jutting lower jaw with a too-wide, lipless mouth full of needle-thin teeth. They have overlarge, milky eyes, like some of the fish of the deep. Their tail is mostly translucent, and is bony and sharp. Above their tail a warped, muscled torso rises. No hair covers their chest or head, and their scaled, four-fingered hands end in daggerlike ivory claws.

Powers & Abilities



  • Air is lethal to nøkks. If one is exposed for more than a few seconds, its vital organs begin shutting down and its skin peels away, as if burned.