Moonwood is an area located in the southeast of Crescent City. It's the main territory of the Shifters and is currently under the control of the Prime of the Valbaran wolves, though Sabine Fendyr rules it unofficially. Moonwood furthermore houses The Wolves Den.


Moonwood is full of sprawling parks and riverfront walkways, palatial villas and complexes for Vanir and a few wealthy humans, peppered with the best schools and many of the fanciest restaurants in town. In its heart is The Wolves Den.

Moonwood is home to a three-level shooting range. It caters to lethal, creative clientele. It occupies a converted warehouse that stretches four city blocks along the Istros. It also has the only sniper-length gallery in the city.


  • The Moonwood Gate's insignia is a sapphire with an oak tree inside it. The gate is often referred to as The River Gate.


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