"There are worse fates than death, you know."
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Micah Domitus was an Archangel and Governor of Lunathion.


Early Life

Micah bought many slaves after the uprising to be part of The Triarii (33rd Legion) since they would all be easy to control.

200 years after the uprising Micah bought Hunt from Sandriel and offered him a bargain: a kill for every life Hunt took on Mount Hermon. Every angel he’d slaughtered during the battle, he was to pay back. In the form of a death for a death - a total toll of two thousand two hundred and seventeen. Despite Hunt not killing that amount of people, Micah told him that because he was Shahar's general of the elite 18th legion, he was responsible for everyone’s death since he marched them into battle. Once Hunt had completed his task, Micah would consider giving Hunt his freedom back.

House of Earth and Blood

Micah is as a cruel authority figure and not only the Governor of Lunathion but the owner of Hunt Athalar as well. He gives Hunt tasks to win back his freedom, with specific instructions on how to kill the targets.


During the Summit, he leaves and goes to Bryce Quinlan's gallery and reveals his true nature: he was the true murderer of Danika and the Pack of Devils, and he realizes that the tattoo on Bryce's back is actually the Horn. He tells Bryce that he was the one summoning the kristallos demons to hunt for the Horn, and then he pieced it together that the Horn was mixed with ink to be tatted onto her back. He planned to utilize her to open the gates of an unknown world to command them, and he injected Synth into her to control her and open the magic of the Horn. However, instead of the drug harming her as he hoped, it only healed her wounds and she ended up killing him and burning his body. Unbeknownst to him, Micah did manage to open a portal in every gate of the city straight to Hel.


Micah is seen as a cold and vindictive person who enjoys being in control of the citizens in his territory. Many knew not to challenge his authority, the exception being Danika and Jesiba, the former argued with him during the meeting to discuss the release of Briggs and the latter when she challenged Micah via video call.

Archangel Micah was also a person to sentence people who had done wrong in the eyes of law to a public crucifixion. Nothing was out of reach for him, if he wanted something then he got it. He was a king among angels and law unto himself.

Physical Description


Powers & Abilities

Archangel Micah Domitus is a powerful Governor appointed by The Asteri.

  • Raw power: It is described he could summon wind or white hot flames which Bryce described when they were battling felt the flames turn to ice.
  • Flight: It's is described that Micah had powerful and white feather wings. Mainly used to fly or to shield.
  • Immortality: Micah is known to be immortal archangel.
  • Extensive knowledge: After being alive for long time, he possesses a considerable amount of knowledge to his benefit.






Bryce mentions Micah to be a topic in her history class, but she never paid enough attention to know more about his past. - Chapter 11


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