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The kristallos are a species of demons, created to find the Horn.


The Kristallos demon was said to be created by the Star-Eater himself to hunt the horn, using some of the blood spilled from Prince Pelias on a battlefield and mixed it with his own magical essence, which many described as a "a beast twisted out of the collision of light and darkness". It dwelled in the darkest depths of the Pit, where the Star-Eater gave its a name as homage to its clear blood and teeth.



Physical Description

The Kristallos demon is described as having grey smooth, near-transluscent skin that crawled on four long, spindly legs and was percieved to be vaguely humanoid in nature. It possessed jaws with clear, crystalline fangs capable of rending through flesh and bone. Its face had no eyes but rather smooth planes of bones above its slitted nostrils, and it produces clear blood when wounded.

Powers & Abilities

The Kristallos demon was a Pit-level demon and thus must be summoned into the world through deadly black salt by whoever's controlling it. Bred by the Star-Eater himself using the essensce of Prince Pelias' Starborn magic, the Kristallos demon had the ability to locate Luna’s Horn. It was also a formidabble creature with enhanced strength and speed capable of overwhelming Malakim physically, although it was eventually defeated by the combined efforts of Bryce and Hunt. It could produce venom that causes debilitating pain to its victims, as seen with Bryce who was hindered physically for two years after being injured in the leg by the demon before it was stripped out of her. The demon's venom can also cure the dangerous and volatile effects of synth.