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"There are worse fates than death, you know."
This article contains plot details and potential spoilers for the Crescent City series. If you have not begun reading or are not too far into the story, please refrain from reading or at least proceed with caution.

Juniper Andromeda is a famed dancer and Bryce Quinlan's close friend.


Early Life

She went out with Fury and Bryce the night Danika was murdered.

House of Earth and Blood

In the coming months after Danika's death, she called Bryce one night. Bryce had just received thousands of lyric sheets of "I Just Hooked Up with Someone in the Bathroom, Don't Tell Connor" and mock album artwork of photos taken to shame her for what happened the night of Danika's death. Juniper sensing something was wrong, by the hollowness in Bryce's voice, jumped into a cab to reach her. She didn't dare hang up the whole ride to Bryce's apartment and upon arriving only knew where to go because Bryce had mumbled something about sitting on the roof. She stayed with her to help burn the copies and then went back to Bryce's apartment to watch TV. She stayed with her for three days to make sure she was okay.

Further into the months when Bryce and Hunt are aligned together she invites Bryce to the White Raven. She had not seen her in a while and took the chance to contact her while she also had to meet with other members of the ballet there. Hunt followed and Bryce's mood soured driving her to leave to the bathroom. She followed wanting to console Bryce, but when Bryce turned back to walk to the booth the club exploded. Bryce covered her body to protect her from the debris, only to be ripped from under Bryce by Ruhn. She was covered in dust and green blood from someone else. Realization hitting her, she ripped herself from Ruhn's grip and started yelling at Bryce. She did it more out of fear than actual anger because Bryce had not made the drop yet. The harm done to her would have been minuscule compared to what could have happened to Bryce. Out of fear she slapped Bryce while reprimanding her, but gave up on her demands when Hunt and Ruhn made it clear that Bryce was in shock.

House of Sky and Breath




Physical Description

Juniper has dark brown skin and a dancer's body, with long legs that end in delicate hooves. She also has an exquisite face with curly black hair, from which horns protrude on the top of her head.

Powers & Abilities

  • Slowed Aging/Immortality: Since Juniper has made the Drop she will age slower.


Fury Axtar

It is currently unknown how or where Juniper met Fury, but though they initially appeared to be close friends, the two of them are dating. They even moved in together.



  • Juniper feels strongly about therapy and, when she has the chance, tells anyone who will listen about it, that she has been seeing a therapist since she was a teenager.
  • Her scent is of jasmine and vanilla.