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Jesiba Roga is a notorious sorceress and art dealer.


Early Life

Not much is known about Jesiba's early life, or why she left the witch kingdom, which she used to be a part of. At some point, she came into possession of the remaining artifacts of the Great Library of Parthos. She is also said to be the Under-King's emissary.

House of Earth and Blood



Jesiba is a very strict person and doesn't like people disagreeing with her. People that oppose her or simply annoy her risk being turned into animals.

Physical Description

Jesiba is described to have cropped ash-blond hair cut shorter on the sides, longer on the top. She has been described by Bryce to look effortlessly chic and casual. Her face is both young and wise, bedroom-soft yet foreboding. She has pale gray eyes which gleam with glittering magic.

Powers & Abilities

Jesiba Roga is a very strong witch that can turn people into animals at will. She possesses an arsenal of spells to rival any sorcerer or necromancer in any of the Houses. She is decidedly one of the most feared people in Crescent City, maybe even the whole country.


Bryce Quinlan

Jesiba is the employer of Bryce Quinlan. The relationship between these two is best described as complicated. While Jesiba often threatens Bryce to turn her into a lower creature or the like, she is also seen to care for or be concerned about her.


Jesiba was the former owner of the enslaved Sprite Lehabah. Lehabah sometimes complained about Jesiba's coldness and they weren't particularly close, but there was no conflict or disdain between them.