Isaiah Tiberian is a Malakim and the Commander of the 33rd Legion.


Early Life

Isaiah was part of an uprising that sought to overthrow the Imperial Senate. He became part of the Shahar’s elite 18th Legion.  When the uprising failed, Shahar was killed, Isaiah became a slave along with everyone else who was part of the uprising.

Over the course of 200 years, Isaiah spent his time being a slave passed around by the leaders of the world until he ended up in the Crescent City, and became a slave to Micah Domitus. He worked his way up the ranks by being agreeable and doing his job, in the hopes Micah would free him from being a slave.

House of Earth and Blood




Physical Description

He has a thorn halo on his forehead, which controls his power.  As well as having a slaves mark on his wrist. He also has white angel wings. He has dark hair and dark brown skin.

Powers & Abilities

The ability of flight via angel wings.





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