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"There are worse fates than death, you know."
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Our love is stronger than time, greater than any distance. Our love spans across stars and worlds. I will find you again. I promise.

– Chapter 76, House of Sky and Breath

Orion "Hunt" Athalar is an infamous fallen angel who works for the Archangels as a personal assassin.


Early Life

Hunt, birth name Orion, was born into a poor family, in Shahar's territory in the southeast of Pangera. His mother worked very hard to look after him but never told him who his father was. When he was old enough, he joined the army in order to support himself and his mother. Hunt would send money back to his mother, which she would store away. After hearing of this, a group of people broke into his mother's home, killing her to steal the money Hunt had sent.

This led him to become a general in the uprising that sought to overthrow the Imperial Senate. Shahar was the leader of the uprising as well as Hunt's lover. When the uprising failed, Shahar was killed, and Hunt became a slave along with everyone else who was part of the uprising. For the first seven years, he was tortured until the Archangel Ramuel became his master. Ramuel continued the pattern for two more years until he got bored with it, and realized that Hunt would be more useful dispatching demons and doing his bidding than rotting away in torture chambers. Over a course of 200 years, Hunt spent his time being a slave passed around by the leaders of the world until he ended up in the Crescent City, and became a slave to Micah Domitus.

Micah offered Hunt a bargain: as Hunt had led the 18th Legion on Mount Hermon, he was responsible for all 2,217 deaths that he and the rebels he led took. This meant that Hunt must kill 2,217 people of Micah's choice, as Micah's personal assassin, in order to one day gain his freedom.

House of Earth and Blood


House of Sky and Breath



Hunt is a committed and focused male whose current mindset has been forged from the hardships and conflicts throughout his entire life. He is both highly lethal and observing with a rather imposing demeanor that causes others to feign back as a result of his reputation as "the Umbra Mortis". However, in truth, Hunt is incredibly self-loathing. Not only is his self-hatred attributed to the torture he endured at the hands of many Archangels for the failed rebellion against the Asteri, but also his status as a slave made to be a weapon for those who owned him at the time.

As a result of this, Hunt rarely makes appearances in social gatherings and rarely shows his snarky and dry-humored side unless it's with people he truly knows. However, Hunt is far more caring than what the public perceives of him. He is shown to be understanding, and protective. He isn't afraid to speak his mind when it comes to the well-being of those he cares about. His more snarky and dry-humored behavior is more prominent when around individuals he's comfortable with such as his friends in the 33rd Legion and Bryce.

Physical Description

Hunt has light brown skin, shoulder-length dark hair and dark brown angular eyes. His angel wings are grey. Hunt has a thorn halo on his forehead which originally controlled his power after he was enslaved. Even though it was temporarily removed, Rigelus branded him again. He used to have a slave's mark on his wrist, but it is now stamped with a “C” over the mark, indicating that Hunt is no longer a slave.

After the events of House of Earth and Blood, Hunt's appearance slightly changed, with him having cut his hair to at least the back of his neck. However, when he was captured by the Asteri in his and Bryce's attempt to infiltrate the Eternal City, he has returned to baring the halo over his head as a result of Rigelus branding him once again as punishment for his defiance.

Powers & Abilities

  • Malakim Physiology: As an angel, Hunt has physical abilities and enhanced senses that make him far stronger than both humans and Vanir, including Fae, such as his fight with Ruhn. His physical abilities had served him well in battle - both under Shahar and Micah - and was powerful enough to contend with members of his own kind, such as when he decapitated Sandriel in the Summit, and hunt demons across Midgard.
  • Lightning: Hunt has the power to create and manipulate lightning. Unlike most Malakim, this ability is unheard of and unique only to Hunt so far. Its powerful enough to destroy an entire building, and scorch entire battlefields to sunders, and the ability to also produce a tornado, which Shahar and Micah have used to their advantage in the past. His lightning had also been used as a power source to heighten the full potential of Bryce's Starborn abilities.
  • Energy Absorption: A sub-power of his lightning abilities, Hunt has the ability to absorb energy from different sources, acting as a living conductor of sorts. This was shown during his confrontation with the Under-King in the Bone Quarter where he absorbed the bone-quarter's gate to charge up his lightning to heightened proportions.
  • Flight: Through his Malakh wings, Hunt is able to fly. He is also capable of carrying people in his arms while he flies.
  • Immortality: Having made the Drop, Hunt is immortal which not only has granted him a far greater lifespan, but has allowed him to live through injuries that not even his accelerated healing would be able to regenerate from.


Bryce Quinlan

I've got you, Sweetheart, I've got you.

– Chapter 61, House of Earth and Blood

During Bryce's investigation into Danika's death on behalf of Micah Domitus, Hunt grew close to Bryce and began a relationship with her. They have a classic enemies-to-lovers relationship: at first, they only tolerated each other due to direct orders from the Archangel, Micah, but as the investigation matures, they start to form a tight friendship. Bryce stated that she knew Hunt was her friend ever since he pulled out Jelly Jubilee. Their romantic relationship develops, and when Hunt was on his deathbed, Bryce whispered 'I Love You' to him before making the Drop.


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  • Hunt's true name is Orion, given to him by his mother who began calling him hunter as a nickname, which was eventually shortened to Hunt.
    • In Greek Mythology, Orion was a hunter who, according to certain iterations of the myth, went mad - or was driven mad - and was killed by the gods after going on a hunting spree. His likeness was placed amongst the stars as a constellation.
    • The origin of the name Orion is unknown.
  • Hunt owns a sunball hat, which has a high sentimental value to him. It was the first thing he bought when he came to Lunathion, with the first paycheck he ever received from Micah.
  • He smells of rain-kissed cedar.