Fae are a species of Vanir, belonging to the House of Sky and Breath.

Physical Description

The most prominent feature of the Fae are their arched ears and tanned skin.

Powers & Abilities

Like other Vanir, all Fae possess enhanced strength, speed and regenerative abilites, and have acute senses superior to that of all regular humans, some even strong enough to contend with other Malakim. The magic within Fae varies depending from kingdom to kingdom and can manifest in different bursts depending on the individual themselves.

Fire magic is a common power among the Valbaran Fae, though they sometimes show other kinds of magic as well. Although there might occasionally appear the rare gift of earth magic, the healing gift is especially rare under the Fae. The latter is not as powerful as the talent of a medwitch, but a valuable strength to possess.

The Fae possess an unnatural stillness, typical for their species.


  • Fae females have their period once every year.
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