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"There are worse fates than death, you know."
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Light it up, Bryce.

Chapter 91, House of Earth and Blood

Danika Fendyr was the alpha of The Pack of Devils and Bryce's best friend. She and her entire pack were slaughtered two years before the beginning of the series.


Early Life

Danika was born in the year 15010 V.E to Sabine Fendyr, the Prime Apparent of the Valbaran wolves.

When she was older, Danika attended Crescent City University, where she met Bryce Quinlan. The two quickly became close friends. They remained friends throughout college and beyond.

During their senior year, Danika uncovered an illegal animal smuggling ring run by asp shifters. Plagued by guilt at the thought of the animals in cages, Danika and Bryce snuck into their hideout to free the animals but were caught, resulting in them being chased and injured by the shifters. Cornered and about to be killed, Bryce told Danika to close her eyes and killed some of the shifters, while the others were killed by police.

After college, Bryce and Danika moved in together; Danika went on to become Alpha of The Pack of Devils. There were also whispers that Danika should be tapped to be the Prime Apparent, bypassing her mother. Danika's grandfather had given the family’s heirloom sword to her after the blade had "called" to her on her eighteenth birthday.

Danika also acquired a reputation for being a party girl. Many of the 33rd Legion called her "The Party Princess", because of her party lifestyle, taking drugs often, and drinking excessively.

House of Earth and Blood

The Pack of Devils, which Danika was Alpha of, was killed off in an attack that was orchestrated by Micah. He wanted the Horn so that he could summon an army to decimate the human rebels. Micah blackmailed Danika into stealing the Horn. However, Danika did not trust Micah so did not give him the Horn after stealing it. Instead, she crushed the Horn and mixed it with ink. She then convinced Bryce to get drunk and took her to the tattoo shop afterward so the Horn could be tattooed on her back so that no one could find it and only Bryce could use it. However, Bryce was unaware that the horn was in the tattoo.

Micah then hatched a plan to get revenge on Danika and try and find the Horn. He waited until Philip Briggs, a human rebel, was released from prison, so he could frame him for the pack's deaths. He went to Danika and Bryce's apartment where the Pack of Devils were at the time and used his Magic to disable them. He then injected Danika with Synth, which caused Danika to rip her pack apart before turning on herself. Micah then summoned a Kristallos demon to cover his traces.

Philip Briggs was then accused of their murders due to him being imprisoned by Danika previously, leading the authorities to believe he did it for revenge. However, Micah near the end of House of Earth and Blood admitted to Bryce that he was the one to kill Danika and the pack.


Danika was shown as an amazing friend, always being there for her friends when they needed her, always willing to protect and serve. She also had a kind heart, and helped anyone she could. A total badass, a skilled leader, a good friend, these were all qualities she possessed.

Physical Description

Danika had silvery blonde cornsilk hair, highlighted with dyed strands of bright color. She also had a neck tattoo - a horned, grinning wolf, the sigil of The Pack of Devils and another one on her spine, which said: "Through love, all is possible." which she got together with Bryce. In her wolf form, Danika had gray fur, though her caramel eyes were the same in both forms.

Powers & Abilities

Danika was one of the most powerful shapeshifters in the city. She was the granddaughter of the Prime of the Wolves, and she would have had a sea of power that would have succeeded that of the Prime Apparent, her mother Sabine, if she had not died before making the Drop.

  • Shifting: As a shifter, Danika possessed the ability to transform into a magically enhanced animal form. Her animal form was that of a larger than average wolf. In this form, she was stronger, faster, and had keener senses than in human form.
  • Shifter physiology: Danika had standard enhanced speed, strength, and regenerative abilities because of her Vanir status. She had more acute senses and could heal from injuries much faster than a regular human.


Sabine Fendyr

The relationship between mother and daughter had been strained. Sabine was the Prime Apparent of the Valbaran wolves and had been her aging father’s heir for centuries and Danika had officially been second in line to the title. However, there had been whispers that Danika should be tapped to be the Prime Apparent, bypassing her mother. Sabine's father had given his granddaughter their family’s heirloom sword after centuries of promising it to Sabine only upon his death, claiming that the blade had called to Danika on her eighteenth birthday. On top of that, Danika had been expected to claim a sea of power that would have put her ranking far past Sabine’s after her Drop.

However, despite their strained relationship, Sabine still showed some semblance of love for her daughter as she was distraught over her death, and became enraged by Bryce's involvement within her life. Her love for Danika was further emphasized when she was outraged and heartbroken at Bryce's and Hunt's accusations for killing her own daughter to become the Prime Apparent - even admitting that she was protecting Danika from the authorities when she stole the Horn by tampering with the security footage - and was fully aware that Danika's soul was present with Bryce when she made the Drop. Even tearfully echoing the same quote found on Bryce's tattoo, "Through love, all is possible", during Bryce's final moments with Danika back at the Summit.


While it had been unlikely for an Omega like Thorne to be noticed by an Alpha like Danika, Bryce had noted a gravitational pull that happened whenever Danika and Thorne were in a room together, as if they were two stars orbiting each other.


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  • The name Danika (pronounciation: DAN-ick-ah) is of Slavic and Latin origin, meaning "morning star". In Slavic mythology, Danica (pronunciation: DAH-nee-tza) is the personifcation of the morning star and in some regions is the goddess of dusk.