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The Central Business District, also known as the CBD, is one of the seven districts of Lunathion. It's the main territory of the Malakim.


The CBD is located in the Eastern part of Lunathion, bordered by the Asphodel Meadows, The Meat Market and the Old Square.

The Business District is the center of commerce in Crescent City, and the most developed area in the city, filled with skyscrapers and offices, as well as expensive high-rise apartments and exclusive restaurants and clubs.


The CBD is home to the malakim, represented by the Archangel Micah Domitus as both head of the district and Governor of Lunathion. The skies above the CBD are almost always filled with angels.

Some other Vanir also make their home in the District; while the exact population of humans in the CBD is unknown, there are at least a few human-owned corporations in the area, such as Redner Industries.

The Comitium

At the heart of the Central Business District lies the Comitium, a five-towered complex of glass and steel that serves as the headquarters—and stronghold—for Micah Domitus and those who work for him. The second of the five buildings that make up the Comitium houses the barracks for the 33rd Legion. The Comitium also has luxurious living quarters for any guests of the Governor, including a penthouse ballroom for functions, all watched over by countless surveillance cameras and members of the 33rd.

The central tower of the Comitium is known as the Governor's spire, and there are holding cells beneath the ground level.


  • The square in the Central Business District is used for public executions in the form of crucifixion. On hot, windy days the smell of blood and rotting flesh permeates the district for blocks around the square.