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Asphodel Meadows is one of the seven major districts in the city of Lunathion. The Meadows are home to the majority of the human population in the city.


Asphodel Meadows is located in the northern part of Lunathion, bordered by the Central Business District, the Old Square and Five Roses. The Meadows are the least developed, and dirtiest, district of Lunathion. It is described as a dark wasteland without much beauty to it when compared to the other Vanir districts. Even so, the Meadows is considered luxurious compared to the human districts of Pangera.


The Meadows' population consists largely of humans, with few Vanir living there if they can help it. Because of the majority-human population, the Meadows is considered less important than the other districts, as evidenced by the fact that Asphodel Meadows is the only district with no Head to represent them.

Notable Locations


  • The insignia of Asphodel Meadows is two cupped human hands.
  • In Greek Mythology the Fields of Asphodel were a part of the Underworld reserved for souls who had been neither good nor evil in life. Essentially a limbo, the souls of the dead wandered the Fields for all eternity, slowly forgetting the lives they had lived, and even their own identities.