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Amelie Ravenscroft is a Wolf Shifter and an underling of Sabine Fendyr. She is also the Alpha of the Black Rose Wolf Pack.


Sometime after Danika Fendyr's death, Amelie became the Alpha of the Black Rose Wolf Pack, helping provide security to the wolves' Den in Moonwood.

When Bryce Quinlan and Hunt Athalar pay a visit to Moonwood to talk to the Prime about Danika's movements before her death, they encounter Amelie and her Pack stationed at the front gate. The Alpha takes pleasure in refusing them entry until Hunt mentions they're working for the Governor, at which point she reluctantly radios through for Ithan Holstrom to escort them inside. Amelie and Bryce trade barbed insults all throughout their encounter, with Amelie mostly commenting on Bryce's party girl lifestyle and her sexual promiscuity. She grows angry when Bryce tells her that she isn't half as good as Danika was, and continues to spew vitriol at Bryce until Ithan arrives.

Amelie later accompanies Sabine to act as security when the Prime Apparent pays a visit to Bryce at her apartment, staying out of sight with her phone ready to call in help if Bryce and Hunt get out of hand.

When Bryce buys a box of chocolate croissants a few days later to commemorate Danika's birthday, Amelie arranges to have the word "trash" spelled out in icing on one of them. Unbeknownst to her, Hunt happens to be with Bryce when she opens the box and notices her reaction. He is enraged on her behalf and immediately flies off to confront Amelie, whom he finds drinking with her pack in a bar in Moonwood. Hunt easily overpowers her and shoves her against a wall, demanding that she leave Bryce alone. Outmatched and in discomfort from Hunt's lightning magic, Amelie reluctantly agrees and he leaves.

Amelie reports the incident to Sabine Fendyr, who takes the opportunity to get back at Hunt and Bryce for accusing her of murdering her daughter. She takes Amelie with her to the Comitium to complain to Micah about Hunt's behavior; Amelie stands by while Hunt and Bryce are summoned, and watches quietly while Sabine feigns outrage at her treatment by one of Micah's angels and demands he be punished. As a slave who has attacked a citizen of Lunathion Hunt's life is forfeit.

Upon realizing the implications of her complaint against Hunt Amelie attempts to get Sabine to let the issue go, but is duly ignored and watches in horror as his wings are cut off by Micah as punishment. Sabine leaves, smug with her small victory while Bryce kneels by Hunt's side, the angel having lost consciousness from the pain. On her way out a sombre Amelie attempts to apologize to Bryce for what has happened, but the half-fae spits at her and Amelie leaves, visibly upset.

Physical Description

Amelie has long dark hair and gold eyes, and a sharp-angled face. As a member of the Black Rose Pack she also has her pack's symbol tattooed on to her neck: an onyx rose with three claw marks slashed through it.

Powers & Abilities

  • Shifting: As a shifter Amelie possesses the ability to transform into a magically enhanced animal form. Her animal form is that of a larger than average wolf. In this form she is stronger, faster and has keener senses than in human form.
  • Shifter physiology: Amelie has standard enhanced speed, strength and regenerative abilities because of her Vanir status. She has more acute senses and can heal injuries much faster than a regular human.


Connor Holstrom

Amelie had a crush on Connor since they were children, though he never seemed to return her affections. When he asked Bryce Quinlan out Amelie finally realized he never would, and after his death—and the leaking of Bryce's texting history—Amelie developed a hatred for the half-Fae woman for both hooking up with a stranger on the night of his death and stealing him from her.